Innovating Healthcare,
Patient Employee Outcomes​

Our blockchain enabled platform is comprised of simple solutions that allow patients to take control of their health information. We securely link the patient, provider, institution, employer, and lab. Creating a marketplace of health solutions with each module optimized for a client’s unique needs.

Connecting Ecosystems for Precision Health

Our vision is to revolutionize precision health, connecting people across the globe to personalized care with our health marketplace.

Utilizing our secure & scalable platform we are determined to streamlining the transfer of health records to remove barriers between patients and providers.

Rymedi Leadership

David Stefanich, MBA, MSc, MCA

David Stefanich is co-founder and CEO of Rymedi. A former CIO and CTO for global Fortune 500 companies, he specializes in technology architectures and software applications for highly-regulated industries. He has employed data-driven methodologies to improve compliance and operations in pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain management. An inorganic chemist by training, he combines his Masters’ degrees in Chemistry, Computer Science, and Global Finance to improve healthcare technology workflows. He is a founding member of the Blockchain in Healthcare Global IEEE ISTO.

Jason Cross, PhD, JD

Dr. Jason Cross (PhD, JD) is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Rymedi. Jason’s area of expertise is business model innovation focused on expanding access to high quality healthcare. Cross was a professor at Duke University and Founding Director of the Innovation & Technology Policy Lab where he spearheaded value-based contracting between countries and pharmaceutical and medical device companies. He is also Chair of the Intellectual Property Subgroup of the IEEE Blockchain in Healthcare and Life Sciences Working Group.

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