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Clemson University

Automated Testing & Configurable Workflows

Clemson University was an early adopter of campus-wide COVID-19 testing. Over 30,000 student, faculty, and staff members who plan to access the campus are required to take once-a-week COVID-19 tests. Clemson is testing 6,000 people a day on average using a team 15 healthcare providers. Without Rymedi, this type of assembly line mass testing would have required 75 people to perform testing and administrative tasks. The success of the testing program is due to the speed and ease of the Rymedi platform.

Beechtree Diagnostics

Utilizing Rymedi’s Next Generation Patient Engagement to Reduce Lab Costs

We provide an all-in-one solution to Beechtree Diagnostics, from patient registration all the way through reporting back to our clients and directly to patients. Our platform is completely automated and connects to LIS/LIMS. Rymedi’s customer support is incredibly responsive and provides results exceptionally quick.

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