Data integration across life sciences and healthcare sectors is hampered by a lack of standards-compliant interoperable infrastructure that can be relied on by regulators and companies across the crisscrossing patchwork of value chains. Acquired data is siloed and missed opportunities for data-driven value creation limit investments in improved data capture and management.

As a result, treatment quality is less reliable, regulatory compliance costs more, expensive redundancies abound in the development of new drugs and devices, patient care is less effective, and health system budgets face ever-rising costs and risks worldwide.


Rymedi provides blockchain-enabled, trusted B2B data transmission infrastructure designed to meet the specialized regulatory and business needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Rymedi's protocol enables applications to collect data into meaningful and actionable information for end users - whether regulator audits, client reports, Smart Data analytics, digital health or a multitude of emerging uses.

Rymedi combines the best of insider and outsider approaches to life sciences data connectivity. Our team, architecture and key features come from the core of industry, iterating from experience with the unique regulatory and business needs of the sector.

Our solutions are designed with flexible glide paths for adoption, tailored to immediate industry value propositions and priorities.


Rymedi's core offerings help the life sciences sectors do what they do better, faster, cheaper.

Meanwhile, Rymedi Labs is developing innovations that enable life sciences industries to do things that were impossible or impractical prior to emerging blockchain and AI technologies.

Networked data will radically reshape the way that life sciences industries operate. We hope you will join us in bringing about that change.

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